Your essential guide to information and cybersecurity

Your essential guide to information and cybersecurity

The Security Company
Updated Jul 25, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Describe a range of information security incidents and when to report them
  • Apply safe practices when using IT devices, email, the internet or downloading attachments
  • Describe why protecting personal data and company information is important
  • Identify how to keep our information secure and describe the consequences of a data breach
  • Stay cyber safe when outside of company premises and describe the importance of using strong passwords
  • Protect our buildings from tailgaters or unauthorised access, and describe how and when to wear your ID pass
  • Spot and report potential physical security risks to keep our information safe
  • Describe social engineering and the dangers of malware and viruses
  • Identify phishing scams or fake websites and know how to report them
  • Create strong passwords and describe the importance of using them
Course Description

Essential information and cybersecurity awareness.The learning is interactive throughout, with real examples, scenarios, engaging visuals and feedback at key learning points. Each module concludes with a short quiz.

Audience type

This course contains seven modules that are suitable for all
employees within any sector or industry.

Business Outcomes

Your organisation will:

  • Have an effective training module to support your wider security culture programme
  • Have a module that brings security to life
  • Increase your employees awareness of the risks
  • Increase its ability to identify and mitigate
    the risks