Workplace Stress - Spanish Language

Workplace Stress - Spanish Language

Updated Jun 25, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Understand the causes and effects of stress.
  • Know relaxation techniques you can use to reduce stress.
  • Understand how positive thinking and a positive lifestyle can help you avoid stress.
Course Description

MARCOM's interactive course on  Workplace Stress helps employees identify potentially stressful situations and learn how to cope with them. In the fast-paced world that we live in, we are always encountering situations that can be stressful. Many of these occur at work.  Yet stress, and its effects on our ability to do our jobs, is a subject that is often overlooked.

Areas covered in the course include situations causing stress, positive vs. negative stress, recognizing symptoms of stress, effects of stress on the mind and body, eliminating stress factors, stress-relieving exercises, and more.

Using a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, text and colorful graphics, this course provides the most cost-effective safety and regulatory compliance training available today.  The course is divided into a number of logical sections so information is easily understood... and retained. 

Course Duration

30 minutes