What Pressure Are You Under? Part 2

What Pressure Are You Under? Part 2

Learn how to effectively manage your stress levels at work

Updated Jun 13, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Prepare what you can implement in your daily life to help keep stress at bay
  • Identify what you can do to boost your resilience
  • Assess what lifestyle changes you can implement going forward
Course Description

Following on from part one, now you know how likely you are to experience some form of stress related symptoms, you now need to figure out what you’re going to do about it!
The Skillshub Holmes Rahe Evaluator series provides you with three choices to help you manage your stress levels. No matter where they appear on the evaluator scale. In this course, we look at how making a few changes can remove unnecessary pressure.
This course has been structured into three short sections: firstly, a learning video, secondly, action-based resources and finally, a quick 3 question quiz to make sure you have fully understood the learning, which has been developed by experienced learning and development specialists.
Once the course is completed, you will understand how important reduce, increase, and a combination of both can help you with your wellbeing and mental health.