Understanding Mental Health in Neurodiverse Learners

Understanding Mental Health in Neurodiverse Learners

SEND Group
Updated May 29, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Understand mental health conditions and their impacts on neurodiverse learners
  • How to develop strategies to support learners
Course Description

The aims of this skills-based webinar (which includes input from young people with neurodiversity who have needed mental health support) are to: Increase understanding of risk factors for Mental Health and Increase understanding of neurodiversity. Develop understanding of conditions such as anxiety and depression and Develop strategies to support learners. Develop understanding of self-harm and eating disorders, also Develop understanding of sexuality and gender identity. Presented by Susan Brooks, Specialist Educational Psychologist (informed by ten years working as a Consultant Psychologist with neuro-diverse learners within an ASD specialist provision.