Time Management Tune-Up

Time Management Tune-Up

This 1 hour course will provide today´s time-challenged professionals refreshingly simple tips on how to give their time management a tune-up. Topics covered will include improving efficiency, effective time allocation, overcoming unproductive habits and embracing technology.

Updated Jun 24, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Allocate your time more effectively
  • Identify and overcome bad time habits
  • Be more efficient in your time choices
  • Embrace technology's time opportunities
  • Convert two minutes an hour into new time
Course Description

Course Overview

For today´s time-challenged professionals, the new “normal” is having more work to do and the overwhelming sense that there’s no time to get it all done. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this 60-minute course, you’ll learn refreshingly simple tips to help you allocate your time, overcome bad habits, make efficient time choices, embrace technology—and enjoy the wonderful extra hours you’ll gain.


Program Guide

Part 1:

Accept the Facts of Time

Understand where you spend your time and why.

Part 2:

Mind Your Minutes

Identify and overcome your bad time habits.

Part 3:

Deal With It and Be Done With It

Deal with e-mail, text messages, voice mail and other urgencies - and be done with it!

Part 4:

Gain Time With Technology

Embrace technology´s time-saving opportunities and you’ll add hours to your day.

Part 5:

Master the Two-minute Drill

Use this time tool anywhere and everywhere to free up time - you´ll be surprised at how much time you gain.


Discover the little things you can do every day to gain more time - one hour is all you need.