Taking the Minutes

Taking the Minutes

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Updated Jun 12, 2024
Course Description

This resource is for anyone required to prepare an agenda, take minutes and prodcue the action list from a meeting.

This resource introducies skills required to produce professional, accurate, clear and concise minutes for any meeting, regardless of your previous experience.


Target Audience

Anyone required to take the minutes of a meeting, regardless of your experience.


Learning Objectives

  • Outline the key roles and responsibilities of the Chairperson & Minute Taker
  • Introduce the different types of meetings; 
  • Discuss the role of the minute taker Before, During and After the meeting; 
  • Outline the steps required to produce an agenda; 
  • Provide tips and strategies for taking notes during the meeting to help prepare your minutes
  • Outline what to include &  exclude from your Minutes, and
  • How to prepare an Action List