Switch On Everyone

Switch On Everyone

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 25, 2024
Course Description

SWITCH ON EVERYONE is aimed at helping everyone at all levels to think positively and change negative thoughts into positive thoughts and actions. It is ideal for motivating everyone to be more productive. 

The SWITCH ON EVERYONE program has 5 segments:
Segment 1 provides individual attitudes of staff to work 
Segment 2 covers team attitudes 
Segment 3 offers supervisor attitudes 
Segment 4 explores management attitudes 
Segment 5 shows how everyone can do better

This program provides the stimulus for everyone to re-evaluate their own thinking patterns and behaviors. It will help them recognize negative thinking so they can then turn it around. This leads to improved confidence, persistence and more effective communication skills. Managers need to lead by example and this program unearths the negative thinking that can lead to disempowerment. 

SWITCH ON EVERYONE will encourage viewers to recognize: 
•    The power of success starts with the way you think. 
•    Positive messages and affirmations make us feel good, help us communicate effectively and achieve results.
•    Negative thinking and negative messages hold us back, keep us stuck in the past and create conflict and poor motivation

Key Learning Points
•    We all have a range of positive and negative thoughts and ‘messages’ 
•    Some messages are voiced some remain as underlying thoughts 
•    We all have the power to choose our own mood
•    We can switch on positive messages if we choose 
•    Positive thoughts usually underpin positive actions
•    Our mood impacts those around us
•    Everyone contributes to the culture of the organization 
•    Negative messages lead to poor motivation and dissatisfaction at work 
•    Positive messages enhance our mood and wellbeing and impact our work 
•    Leaders need to set an example with a positive outlook
•    A positive culture at work is motivating
•    Performance is improved when the culture is positive

The SWITCH ON SERIES has been created by psychologist Eve Ash to help people identify and change negative thinking patterns. Each program is short with a unique tempo and style great graphics and music… and no voices! It uses a simple approach based on the notion of ‘scripts’ or ‘messages’ in our head that help us or hinder us at work. It shows a range of typical thinking patterns that underpin the actions and work that people do. It shows how negative messages can be transformed with a proactive approach to: SWITCH ON POSITIVE MESSAGES! Culture is changed when thoughts become actions and this is the vital link to positively change a workplace culture and the style of communication.