Starting with Webpack

Starting with Webpack

Stone River eLearning
Updated Jun 23, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Learn the world's leading JavaScript build tool: Webpack!
  • Learn Webpack design guidelines and best practices
  • Understand Webpack's evolution & intended purpose
  • Use Webpack to create efficient bundled deployables
  • Learn how Webpack enables development time efficiencies
  • Understand Webpack's dependency graph analysis
  • Learn to use the Webpack Dev Server and Watch Mode
  • Discover how Webpack is implemented in an existing project
  • Use Webpack's easy to configure cache-busting plugin
  • Learn how to bundle projects with multiple entry points
Course Description

Course Overview

Any IT professional or casual developer anticipating a solid understanding of how Webpack works in open-sourced and private application development projects needs to go through this course and absorb all of its content. Anyone desiring to learn how Webpack is implemented in web application projects needs the knowldege demonstrations and practice presented in this course.  This not only includes web mobile and service application developers but also architects UI designers testers and administrators. This course provides a solid understanding of how to effectively participate in a project leveraging Webpack and the bundled deployment packages it produces. 


Target Audience

This course was built for web developers who need to understand how to use a deployment tool for JavaScript projects based on modern architectures with demanding deployment specifications.
This course is designed for those developers who need to learn to use Webpack to be able to effectively participate in projects implementing the product. Of course the info presented here is just as valuable for architects testers and product managers as they too should understand how modern web applications are structured delivered and consumed in a progressive software development effort.