Solve Problems with Appreciative Inquiry

Solve Problems with Appreciative Inquiry

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jun 15, 2024
Course Description

When things go wrong, people traditionally have a negativity bias and dig deep into what went wrong. Kylie Bell introduces Eve Ash to Appreciative Inquiry, an alternate approach devised by David Cooperrider that starts with asking “What is already going well?” We explore this flipped way of solving a problem through a 5D model: define (this is goal), discover (what is already being done well), dream (what are we ultimately aiming for?”), design (plan how the goal is achieved) and destiny (making the dream reality and powering up commitment). Kylie gives examples of where this was used, in government and a retail client.


Learning Objectives
• Identify a positive way to flip problems through definition, then discovery
• Use a technique to focus people on what they want
• Develop ways to design better experiences
• Apply Appreciative Inquiry to make dreams a reality and solve problems


Interviewer: Eve Ash
Interviewee: Kylie Bell