Social Media

Social Media

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Updated Jul 20, 2024
Course Description

Right now, social media is integral to a modern organisation’s processes. It can be an invaluable tool if used in the right way. However, as helpful as it can be, it can also be rather damaging.

Learn how to stay safe and avoid costly slip-ups on social media networks now.

Organisations of all sizes- perfect for end users who use any form of IT equipment e.g. computers

Become a social media guru by mastering the following:

  • What opportunities social media can provide for organisations.
  • How to stay safe and appropriate online while using social media.
  • The risks associated with organisations using social media.
  • Why it is important it is to be careful with social media privacy and admin settings.
  • Let’s get started!

Business Outcomes

  • Helps to acheive compliance with ISO27001
  • Creates a strong human firewall
  • Influences behavioural change.
  • Keeps employees compliant.