Six Sigma and the Organization

Six Sigma and the Organization

180 Skills
Updated Jul 18, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Define the origins of Six Sigma
  • Recognize why organizations use Six Sigma
  • Explain how they apply its philosophy and goals
  • Describe how process inputs, outputs, and feedback impact the larger organization
  • Recognize key drivers for business and how key metrics and scorecards are developed
  • Describe the project selection process
  • Explain when to use Six Sigma improvement methodology as opposed to other problem-solving tools
  • Explain how a project supports and is linked to organizational goals
Course Description

Six Sigma is the structured, disciplined pursuit of near perfection in the products or services an organization produces.

It is based on statistical techniques and tools, and attempts to improve an organization’s bottom line by eliminating the variation in business processes that can result in defects.