Set and Achieve Goals - Interactive

Set and Achieve Goals - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jun 24, 2024
Course Description

Be clear about your goals and steps to achieve them, and persist. This entertaining and motivating interactive course will equip teams and individuals with skills to set and achieve their goals.


It’s time to get serious about goals – but not Dion! Everyone at Cutting Edge knows the importance of goals: Carol is always setting them Steve wants to be best in sales Tatiana would like to be an international attorney. Dion wants to be president of the United States – but he has no steps in place to achieve this and he must be realistic. Goals must be specific and Dion must make his goals measureable and achievable by putting viable steps in place they must be relevant and achieved within a set timeframe (SMART goals). Persistence is needed to get through the challenges and obstacles.


Key Learning Points

  • Determine Goals
  • Ensure Goals are Realistic
  • Set Specific Measurable Goals
  • Achieve Results Within Timeframe
  • Be Persistent with SMART Goals


Comedy makes learning fun

This interactive course is part of the popular Success at Work Series created by the producers of Cutting Edge Communication Comedy. Two confident interns face challenges working with the Cutting Edge team, providing an entertaining approach to employability skills with practical strategies for effective communication, prioritization, teamwork, goal-setting and workplace success.