Sell Products and Services

Sell Products and Services

Interaction Training
Updated Jun 15, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Learn to convey a positive impression, observe customer behaviour, and utilise questioning and active listening to identify customer buying motives.
  • Master the art of interpreting non-verbal cues and clarifying customer preferences to provide tailored product and service advice.
  • Direct customers to specific merchandise that matches their needs, describe product use and safety, and promote relevant events.
  • Address customer questions and objections by collaborating on suitable options and providing clear, policy-based solutions.
  • Encourage purchase decisions with effective sales closure techniques, maintain customer contact, process sales orders, and farewell customers respectfully to maximise future sales outcomes.
Course Description

This course focuses on skills to effectively engage and sell to customers, fostering positive impressions and ensuring customer satisfaction. Strategic sales techniques combine with a comprehensive understanding of your products and their applications to maximise the likelihood of a successful sale and a satisfied customer.