Self Leadership: Developing Yourself

Self Leadership: Developing Yourself

Manager Foundation
Updated Jun 22, 2024
Course Description

You Can't Change the World, You can Only Change Yourself

To get what you want, develop yourself.

This is a short course to help you overcome the usual obstacles that get in the way of developing yourself, be they, time, money or resources. Developing yourself is one of the best investments you can make in your health, wealth and happiness.


What will self development do for you?

Do you want:

  1. To earn better promotions, increases and bonuses?
  2. To have the skills to choose the work you want to do?
  3. To know how to manage stress and deal with conflict?
  4. To grow yourself and have confidence in your abilities?


Well the only options are to:

  1. Wait for someone to give this to you,
  2. Work hard in the hopes that these materialise or
  3. Develop yourself to improve your skills and change your behaviours.

That's why developing yourself is the first step to Self Leadership.

But development is difficult because:

  1. Development takes time and money
  2. Urgent distractions take focus away from more important long term priorities
  3. Of too many competing priorities and not knowing what gives you the best returns
  4. Getting going is difficult

Solve these problems and you will be on the way to creating the person you want to be.