Master Your Mind To Become A More Resilient Business Leader

Master Your Mind To Become A More Resilient Business Leader

Rewire Your Brain For Career Success And Personal Wellbeing

The Expert Academy
Updated May 24, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Achieve mental balance and wellbeing to tackle work with more focus.
  • Silence your inner critic for better productivity at work.
  • Create a positive self-image in the workplace.
  • Practice gratitude within your team.
  • Mitigate negative thoughts during stressful workdays.
  • Use the power of acceptance in challenging business situations.
  • Use your past to support a positive mindset in business endeavours.
Course Description

Are you a leader who is struggling to conquer your critical inner voice? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to manage intrusive thoughts and stay focused on obligations?

Let Mindful Leadership Advisor and Transformative Coach Palma Michel be your inner critic coach. Mindful Business Leadership is a science-based programme that combines elements of self-awareness, neuroscientific advances, and positive psychology.

Michel uses proven cognitive techniques to create a balanced, positive, and prolific self-image. Through an actionable plan that’s personalised for each individual, you will attain the power of acceptance to move on with your day, discovering the ability to focus on what you can control and negate the negativity of that which you can’t.

You will discover ways to practice gratitude, connecting you with your immediate world to reflect a better self-image. This course is replete with gratitude practice ideas, honing in on where to apply them in your life.

The human mind is naturally inclined to play devil’s advocate. With so much fettering on negative thinking patterns, many professionals are dragged down and unable to focus. Through this course, you will work through your own mental processes, managing intrusive thoughts to achieve sustained balance and clarity for mental wellbeing.

Michel uses proven methods to silence your inner critic. You’ll learn how an unbalanced and negative self-image can create detrimental and unproductive thought processes. Then, you’ll devise a strategy to acquire a beneficial state of mind and identify yourself in a positive way. You’ll ace your inner game to thrive at your outer game. 

The benefits of a positive self-image and the ability to effectively find ways to practise gratitude cultivate compounding and gravitational positivity. Instead of wasting time by denying yourself a positive self-image and mental wellbeing, you’ll be equipped as a powerful force to accomplish everything necessary in your career.

Give your world the gift of your best self by discovering mindful business leadership. Join us and focus on how to make the best start, from within, by conquering your critical inner voice.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Senior executives looking for a science-based approach to managing stress 
  • High potentials who want to prove themselves in the workplace
  • Professionals who want to become more confident in who they are
  • Anyone wanting to make their self-perception more positive
  • Anyone wanting to improve at managing intrusive thoughts