Respect: Dos and Don'ts

Respect: Dos and Don'ts

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 18, 2024
Course Description

Course Overview

Eve Ash asks Peter Quarry for examples of respectful and non-respectful behaviors. Peter itemizes inappropriate remarks and jokes, put-downs, blaming others and making excuses for one’s own actions, excluding people, being unhelpful and judgmental, and being careless about errors, mistakes, timelines and standards. Each downgrade a workplace’s productivity, whereas encouraging and role-modelling positive and receptive behaviors achieves the opposite.

Peter Quarry tells Eve Ash that a respectful workplace is very quickly eroded or built up. It essentially depends on demonstrating sensitivity to others, being responsible, helpful and inclusive.


Learning Objectives

Psychologists provide sound advice for building respect:

  • Don’t make inappropriate remarks and jokes
  • Don’t mimic people 
  • Don’t put people down
  • Don’t blame and make excuses
  • Don’t exclude or avoid helping others
  • Don’t be careless about standards
  • Do be sensitive to others
  • Do be understanding
  • Listen to and understand others
  • Be helpful
  • Show empathy 
  • Behave responsibly


Interviewer: Eve Ash

Interviewee: Peter Quarry