Publisher 2016 Beginner

Publisher 2016 Beginner

Learn about structuring documents, modifying text, working with shapes/images, and formatting/finalizing documents.

Updated Jun 24, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Building a Basic Publisher Document
  • Navigating in Publisher
  • Modifying Document Structures
  • Modifying Text
  • Working with Images
  • Working with Shapes
  • Formatting a Document
  • Working with Tables
  • Exporting a Document to Other Formats
Course Description

This course is designed to help students become comfortable with the tools of Microsoft Publisher, a desktop publishing application, and allow them to create professional-looking flyers, posters, catalogs, newsletters, and more. The course will focus on structuring documents, modifying text, working with shapes and images, and formatting and finalizing documents.



The recommended prerequisite for this course is basic computer skills.