Positive Emotion at Work

Positive Emotion at Work

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 22, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Kylie Bell identifies:
  • We have a negativity bias
  • Need to notice feeling positive and do it more often
  • Savoring is extending the experience
  • Three Good Things intervention. (Seligman)
Course Description

People tend to notice negativity more frequently than the positive. It’s known as the “negativity bias”. Using Martin Seligman’s Three Good Things intervention, Kylie Bell explains that we can (1) notice when we feel positive, (2) do the positive thing more often, and (3) savor (extend) the experience. This is the “P” in Seligman’s PERMA.

Because negativity “sticks” more often in our brains, Kylie Bell says we need to emphasize noticing and savoring positive experiences. One way to do this is through using Martin Seligman’s Three Good Things intervention.

This program is one of the Insights and Strategies Series, featuring psychologist Eve Ash interviewing a range of experts and business leaders who share their experiences and practical strategies for achieving best practice.

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Business Outcomes

This program is designed to help everyone focus on health and physical and psychological wellbeing as part of the everyday workplace. This can be done through personal commitment to stretching and exercises, healthy eating and also team and workplace strategies to encourage everyone to be healthy and achieve a good work/life balance.