OWASP, Part 3 of 4: Threats and Session Security

OWASP, Part 3 of 4: Threats and Session Security

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Updated Jul 18, 2024
Course Description

Course description

In this course, we’ll review and address some of the OWASP Top Ten threats. As hackers continue finding new ways to exploit systems we thought were secure, it’s imperative that application developers continue taking their coding approach and skills to all new levels. In this course we’ll look at building secure applications from the mindset of the hacker, and what a developer can do to avoid the news headlines as the latest security breach. You’ll also learn how both Authentication and Session Management can be exploited along with ways to minimize these threats.

Each LearnNowOnline training course is made up of Modules (typically an hour in length). Within each module there are Topics (typically 15-30 minutes each) and Subtopics (typically 2-5 minutes each). There is a Post Exam for each Module that must be passed with a score of 70% or higher to successfully and fully complete the course.


This course is for users with experience with developing web applications using C# or other object oriented programming languages.

Meet the expert

Don Kiely

Don Kiely is a featured instructor on many of our SQL Server and Visual Studio courses. He is a nationally recognized author, instructor, and consultant specializing in Microsoft technologies. Don has many years of teaching experience, is the author or co-author of several programming books, and has spoken at many industry conferences and user groups. In addition, Don is a consultant for a variety of companies that develop distributed applications for public and private organizations.


Video Runtime

98 Minutes

Time to complete

187 Minutes


Course Outline

Understanding Threats

OWASP Overview (09:32)

  • Introduction (01:41)
  • OWASP (03:04)
  • Demo: OWASP Wiki (04:18)
  • Summary (00:28)

Top Ten Threats (27:15)

  • Introduction (00:35)
  • OWASP Top 10 List (03:08)
  • 2013 Top Ten List (07:07)
  • ASVS (01:13)
  • 2013 Top 10 List - 1st Course (00:35)
  • 2013 Top 10 List - This Course (00:09)
  • Application Security Risks (02:35)
  • Demo: Top 10 (04:41)
  • Demo: Top 10 Wiki (05:39)
  • Summary (01:27)
Session Security

Authentication & Session Threats (30:38)

  • Introduction (02:43)
  • Broken Authentication (01:28)
  • Demo: Broken Auth Wiki (03:30)
  • Demo: Am I Vulnerable? (05:15)
  • ASVS (02:30)
  • Demo: ASVS (03:17)
  • Demo: Verification Requirements (06:00)
  • Session Management Verification (05:25)
  • Summary (00:25)

Threat Examples (30:38)

  • Introduction (00:33)
  • Sample Application (00:54)
  • Demo: WebForms Application (05:08)
  • Demo: WebForms App Cont. (03:21)
  • Demo: Cookies (05:13)
  • Demo: Cookieless Sessions (05:00)
  • Demo: Identity System (05:11)
  • Demo: Authentication Verification (04:43)
  • Summary (00:32)