Overcome a Knockback – Interactive

Overcome a Knockback – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jun 21, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Utilize self-talk to stay positive and don't take it personally
  • Try a different way of reaching your goal especially if you’re receiving multiple knockbacks
  • Have a good support network to listen to you and provide honest feedback
  • Set realistic goals while continuing to move forward
Course Description

Overcome a Knockback is a course explaining how knockbacks handled correctly can be useful guides to achieving what we want. Whether it’s a rejected job application a project proposal or an idea that you floated at a meeting knockbacks can be hard to overcome.

Overcome a Knockback shows how knockbacks or rejections are an inevitable part of life. When they occur it feels deeply personal and it’s hard to pick up the courage to keep going. But knockbacks are opportunities in disguise. In this course psychology expert Peter Quarry shows how to overcome knockbacks through self-talk creating new strategies using a support network and taking a realistic approach to moving forward.