Outdoor Worker Safety - Consultation

Outdoor Worker Safety - Consultation

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Jun 25, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Why you should discuss health and safety matters
  • The benefits of consultation in the workplace
  • What you can do to assist
Course Description

It’s a well-recognised fact that consultation is by far the best means of approaching health and safety issues at work. This video highlights the benefits of consultation, and the role of a well structured committee in approaching health and safety issues at work.

Target Audience 

Target Audience is all new inductees and existing outdoor workers.

Business Outcomes  

Consultation offers the true benefits of your management being able to make more informed and better quality WHS decisions whilst your workers will have “buy in”. A short succinct video that can be used as part of an induction or perfect for toolbox talks and refresher training.