Outdoor Provision

Outdoor Provision

Understand the importance of maintaining good posture in a working environment designed for the needs of the children.

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Updated Jul 22, 2024

What you'll learn

  • The four principles in the Early Years Statutory Framework, the importance of play, the role of the practitioner, the importance of the outdoors in early years, stages of learning and effective practice
  • The fun of the outdoor classroom
  • The role of physical exercise and child obesity
  • Ideas and resource suggestions for your outdoors
  • Monitoring your outdoor provision
  • How to develop an outdoors policy
Course Description

Our Outdoor Provision Course provides information explaining the importance of effective practice, the benefits of the outdoor classroom, the role of physical exercise, child obesity, creating an outdoor policy. For children in early years, the outdoors is a crucial part of learning and development. This course also contains various practical ideas.


Target Audience

Nursery Practitioners