Enterprise Resource Planning: 01. Mastering Organizational Operations

Enterprise Resource Planning: 01. Mastering Organizational Operations

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Updated May 29, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Understand ERP Foundations and Applications: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental theories and diverse applications of enterprise resource planning, with a focus on its role in streamlining operational systems and processes.
  • Develop Business Decision Analytics Skills: Acquire proficiency in various business decision analytics, aimed at optimizing the economical use of resources and enhancing productivity and efficiency within the organization.
  • Learn Operational Management Methods: Master the use of recognizable tools and methods in operations management, contributing to more effective and efficient business operations.
  • Explore ERP in Economic Entities: Understand the role and operations of enterprise resource planning within economic entities, including the integration of technology in business processes.
  • Examine Technology's Influence in Business: Analyze the impact of technology in business operations, particularly in the context of information systems and ERP applications.
  • Identify and Utilize Various Information Systems: Learn to identify and effectively use different types of information systems within the scope of enterprise resource planning to support business objectives and strategies.
Course Description

OurEnterprise Resource Planning: 01. Mastering Organizational Operationscourse is designed to introduce users to the theory and applications of enterprise resource planning and operational systems and processes. A range of business decision analytics is covered in the course that has as their goal, optimizing economical use of resources and maximizing productivity and efficiency in the firm. Drawing on recognizable tools, information technology, and methods of operations management, we will cover topics including: The operations of an Economic Entity, The Hierarchical Perspective, ERP Defined, Technology's Role in Business, and Types of Information Systems. Training in this discipline can pave the way for more opportunities for career advancement and allow you to explore some of the exciting career options available in this field.


Enterprise Resource Planning: 01. Mastering Organizational Operationsis Part 1 of the 5-part extended Operations Management: Enterprise Resource Planning series presented by Sentinel|9. It features lecture-style videos, real-world case studies, downloadable materials, and self-knowledge quizzes. Gain valuable skills to help you manage your company and grow professionally by taking this course alongside others in the series