Office 2013 - Excel Beginners - Proofing Tools

Office 2013 - Excel Beginners - Proofing Tools

Updated Jul 12, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Check Worksheet Spelling
  • Use AutoComplete 
  • Use AutoCorrect 
  • Find and Replace Data 
  • Work with AutoCalculate
Course Description

  • The Spell Checker feature checks the worksheet for typing errors. It compares the words in your document against its own dictionary.
  • AutoComplete enables fast entry of repetitive text within one column.
  • You can enter your common typos for automatic correction as you work by using AutoCorrect.
  • Use the Find and Replace commands to locate text within a worksheet.
  • Be aware of the balance between searching for part of a word, and searching for the whole word.
  • The AutoCalculate feature offers statistical functions other than Sum.
  • You can produce an Average, Maximum, or Minimum value, as well as a Count of a range of selected cells.