Office 2010 - Powerpoint Beginners - Slide Layout

Office 2010 - Powerpoint Beginners - Slide Layout

Updated Jun 25, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Insert text
  • Add content
  • Use Themes
  • Slide orientation
  • Move Placeholders
  • Page Setup
  • Use the Show/Hide Group
Course Description

  • To change the slide layout select the Layout command on the Home tab and choose from the available layouts.
  • You can insert text by clicking and typing directly into the text boxes.
  • Add content by selecting one of the icons in the slide such as add picture or add clipart
  • Themes are available from the Themes group on the Design menu.
  • Your slides may be set to Landscape or Portrait view using the Slide Orientation button on the Design tab.
  • To move a Placeholder simply select by clicking and drag to a new position or use the keyboard arrows to move it.
  • Page Setup is available on the Design tab and allows you to change the size and orientation of your slides
  • The Show group on the View tab has check boxes which allow you to switch the Rulers, Gridlines and Guides on and off.