Office 2010 - Excel Intermediate - Formatting Menu Options

Office 2010 - Excel Intermediate - Formatting Menu Options

Updated Jun 19, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Align Data Vertically 
  • Rotate Text 
  • Apply Border Styles
  • Use Number Format options 
  • Activate the Font options
  • Add Patterns 
  • Indent Cell Entries
Course Description

  • Both data and/or formatting can be removed in cells by using the Clear command in the Editing group on the Home tab.
  • The Format command from the Cells group offers the complete range of formatting options.
  • To rotate and/or vertically centre data in a cell, use the alignment options from the Format Cells box.
  • A quick way of opening the Format Cells box is to use the Ctrl 1 shortcut keys.
  • Borders and patterns can be added to improve the visual appeal and Fonts can be formatted in a variety of ways.
  • Text entries in cells can be indented using the Format/Cells command.