Office 2010 - Excel Beginners - Formulas and Functions

Office 2010 - Excel Beginners - Formulas and Functions

Updated Jun 14, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Use the AutoSum Button 
  • Copy Formulas 
  • Copy Functions 
  • Use Labels to Enter Formulas 
  • Apply the AutoFill Feature 
  • Update Formula results
  • Manage Errors 
  • Manage Circular references
Course Description

  • A formula is a cell entry that calculates data. Functions are ready made formulas that perform specialised calculations automatically.
  • Using the AutoSum button is the easiest way to add values.
  • When you copy formulas, Excel automatically changes the relative cell addresses to reflect their new location.
  • Instead of using cell references in formulas, you can use row and column labels. You type the row name, followed by a space, then the column name. To use this feature you first select the Accept label in formulas option.
  • Formulas automatically update results when values change because they refer to cell references, not the values they contain.
  • Excel identifies errors in formulas and helps you to correct them.