Ocean Bliss Sleep Meditation

Ocean Bliss Sleep Meditation

Ocean Bliss Sleep meditation will help you fall asleep and expand your consciousness to overcome negative emotions.

Blisspot Wellbeing
Updated Jun 24, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Achieve a deeper sleep so you can relax better and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Release negative emotions through guided affirmations
  • Reflect on your day and relaxing your mind for a better night's sleep
Course Description

Ocean Bliss Sleep meditation will not only deeply relax you for a more peaceful sleep but also help you enter a trance-like state conducive for accessing higher consciousness and dissolving of unsettling emotions.

You will be immersed in high-quality, 3D sounds of soothing ocean waves and a comforting guide. The occasional, layered echoey sounds for atmospheric depth and magical immersion make this a blissful meditation for listening to before sleeping.