Microsoft® Excel® 2013 Shortcuts

Microsoft® Excel® 2013 Shortcuts

Updated Jun 19, 2024
Course Description

Course Overview

Imagine how your productivity would rise—and your career move forward—if you could do twice the work in half the time! Excel makes it easy, if you know where to look. This dynamic training tool starts with the top 10 Excel shortcuts of all time. And that’s only lesson #1! From Flash Fill to PivotTable Reports, the program is jam-packed with dozens of time-saving techniques and insider tips … surprisingly simple actions that will blow you away and change how you work. And the learn-at-your-own-pace format lets you pick the speed—and focus—of your lessons.


Course Topics

  • The Top 10 Shortcuts of All Time
  • Fasten Your Seatbelt—It’s Flash Fill
  • The Powerful Fill Handle
  • Custom Number Formats
  • Conditional Formatting Shortcuts
  • Formatting as a Table
  • PivotTable Shortcuts
  • How to Record a Macro
  • How to Edit Macros With Loops
  • How to Create a Custom Form