Microsoft® Excel® 2013 Pivot Tables

Microsoft® Excel® 2013 Pivot Tables

Updated Jul 18, 2024
Course Description

Course Overview

Whether you have 20 cells or a million rows of data, using PivotTables is the answer to quickly organize and analyze information in Excel. It’s the tool the pros rely on to crunch their numbers and produce eye-popping reports in no time. And now this step-by-step program puts the same power and speed in your hands. Walking you through 10 lessons using real-world examples, the course contains dozens of “aha!” moments and helpful tips along the way. As you master new tools like Sparklines, PowerPivot and digital dashboards, you won’t believe how much time you’ll start saving. Your Excel jobs will never be the same!


Course Topics

  • PivotTables for Absolute Beginners
  • Grouping Data, Charting Groups and Using the New Timeline Tool
  • Formatting Techniques With PivotTable Reports
  • Calculations in PivotTable Reports
  • Using the PivotTable Wizard
  • How to Work With External Data and Sparklines
  • How to Consolidate Multiple Tables With PowerPivot
  • How to Create a Reverse PivotTable
  • How to Clean Up Data for a PivotTable
  • How to Make a Digital Dashboard