Microsoft Word 2019

Microsoft Word 2019

Updated Jun 25, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Learn about Page Setup and paragraph formatting
  • Understand how Templates in Word work
  • Learn to write and format a simple letter
  • Understand Styles and Themes in Microsoft Word
  • Learn about pages, sections Headers and Footers and Watermarks
  • Learn to use the spelling and grammar tools in Microsoft Word
  • Learn to use lists and tables in Word
  • Master printing envelopes and labels
  • Learn to use Mail Merge in Microsoft Word
  • Learn about graphics, shapes, and charts in Word
Course Description

The ability to efficiently produce proposals, reports and a host of other business documents is a valuable and transferable business skill. This Microsoft Word course teaches you how to leverage the tools available in Word to create easy to navigate, professional-looking documents.

This Microsoft Word training starts with basic document formatting, styles, templates, and fonts before moving onto more complex areas in Word such as Mail Merge, printing envelopes and labels, newsletter creation, and Macros.

Microsoft Word is the most commonly used word-processing tool in the business world, but its functionality is often under-used. So we’ve consulted industry experts to create a syllabus covering the functions and techniques required for business success so you can get the most from Word!

Course Prerequisites
This Microsoft Word course assumes no existing knowledge of the topic.

Course Details
This Microsoft Word training uses a combination of text, bitesize videos, practice exercises and interactive knowledge checks.