Microsoft Word 2019 Beginners Course

Microsoft Word 2019 Beginners Course

Conquer your Word documents, improve your productivity and automate admin by mastering Microsoft Word

Simon Sez IT
Updated Jul 12, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Initiate Word 2019 for document creation and editing and navigate, edit, and save documents efficiently.
  • Apply character formatting using format painter and AutoCorrect features.
  • Demonstrate effective use of bullets and numbering.
  • Execute paragraph formatting and list management techniques proficiently.
  • Manage tables and format, convert data, and utilize formulas and enhance page appearance with page-breaks, watermarks, and styles.
  • Explore document sectioning for improved organization and structure.
  • Insert graphics, pictures, shapes, icons, and 3D models and utilize envelopes and labels effectively.
  • Implement mail-merge techniques for scalable document operations.
  • Create an index or contents page for document navigation and clarity.
  • Review and print documents, mastering page setup and protect documents and employ basic macros for enhanced functionality.
Course Description

Businesses around the world continue to rely on Microsoft Word as their primary word processing tool. Yet, it’s likely less than 20% of the functionality that Word currently offers is ever used. Unlocking that 80% could have a huge impact on your productivity and career. In this comprehensive course, you'll be able to create and work with documents more effectively and with greater expertise than most. 

Upon completion of this course, you will have the essential information and techniques necessary to use Word like a pro. From the basics to more complicated tasks, your refreshed skill set will have you editing, formatting, reviewing, and styling your Word documents like an expert in no time.