Microsoft Office 2016: Access Part 3 (Advanced)

Microsoft Office 2016: Access Part 3 (Advanced)

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Updated May 27, 2024

What you'll learn

  • You will learn how to customize a form layout to improve usability and efficiency of data entry.
  • Share data across applications.
  • Use macros to improve user interface design.
  • Organize data into appropriate tables to ensure data dependency and minimize redundancy.
  • Lock down and prepare a database for distribution to multiple users.
  • Create and modify a database switchboard and set the start-up options.
Course Description

Course Overview

You've covered many of the basic functions of Microsoft Office Access 2016, and now you're ready to learn advanced Access features such as database management, advanced form design, packaging a database, encrypting a database, preparing a database for multiple-user access, and more. Knowledge of these features separate database professionals from the casual database users or occasional designers.

Often databases are not restricted to personal use. Collaborative work plays an important role, too. In this expert course you will learn how to prepare a database before rolling it out to others. Learn how to avoid unintended changes in design or more dangerous, the database itself.

Target Audience

People taking this course are database administrators or prospective database administrators who have experience working with Access 2016 and need to learn advanced skills. You can also use the course to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification exam for Microsoft Access 2016.