Microsoft Office 2016: Access Part 2 (Advanced)

Microsoft Office 2016: Access Part 2 (Advanced)

Deepen your Microsoft Access skills with advanced techniques for queries, reporting, and data validation.

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Updated Jul 13, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Design complex relational databases that efficiently structure data to meet business needs.
  • Use advanced query techniques to extract and manipulate data from multiple tables and avoid data redundancy.
  • Implement data validation rules to ensure data entry accuracy and maintain data integrity throughout your database.
  • Customize reports to effectively organize and present data and customize output for specific audiences.
  • Optimize and maintain your database by understanding and applying the principles of database normalization and managing table relationships.
Course Description

"Microsoft Access 2016 Part 2 - Advanced" deepens your expertise in managing and customizing databases with Microsoft Access. This 2-hour, 42-minute course covers relational database design, advanced query techniques, data validation, and custom reporting to improve database functionality and efficiency.

You will learn how to prevent data inconsistencies and duplicate entries that are critical to making accurate business decisions. By gaining these advanced skills, you'll be able to create robust, functional databases that meet specific business needs.



  • You have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Access and want to move on to more complex database creation.
  • Your job involves building or maintaining robust databases or creating detailed reports and data analysis.
  • You are preparing for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam in Microsoft Access 2016 and need to master the advanced features of the software.