Microsoft 365 - Office Apps and Services

Microsoft 365 - Office Apps and Services

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Updated Jul 25, 2024
Course Description

Course Overview

Using Microsoft 365 will boost your productivity as a corporate user and as an individual. Discover the entire scope of functions and especially important features of Microsoft 365. In this course you will learn how to seamlessly integrate the Microsoft 365 applications into your workflow. Make use of time-saving features and take collaboration with colleagues to a whole new level.

Only with the right training it's possible to understand Microsoft 365 and its full functionality. Is it better to share files via OneDrive or via Sharepoint? How does Outlook work in the Microsoft 365 environment? Skype for Business versus regular Skype – what’s the difference? Furthermore, get ready to discover Microsoft Teams as your central place within Microsoft 365 for any work that involves communication and collaboration. What is Yammer? How does Delve help you organize your work more efficiently? Discover Forms, a new, powerful application to create surveys and quizzes. How does Stream, the new enterprise video streaming service, work? Discover why it is better to share files and work simultaneously with others than to continue sending copies of these files in emails. Make better use of the full functional variety Microsoft 365 has to offer, and learn how to use the options of integrating the applications with each other to your best advantage.


Target Audience

This course is geared towards people who have never worked with Microsoft 365 before, or who have yet to move beyond its more basic functions (e.g. sending emails).


Learning Objectives

You will learn how Microsoft 365 makes you more productive. Become an even more valuable employee! Finally, understand how Microsoft 365 connects all these applications, how they work together and how to get the most out of it.


Business Outcomes

Boost your office productivity.