Mental Health & Wellbeing - A Few Facts & Figures

Mental Health & Wellbeing - A Few Facts & Figures

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Updated May 28, 2024
Course Description

Course Overview

This training program details the workplace characteristics that can create or exacerbate psychological illness.

It highlights how is not necessary to become an expert in mental health but having a better understanding of what mental illness is and how it affects people will enable you to become more effective in handling any psychological problems that may arise.

Course consists of 4 minutes of video content combined with
assessment questions and interactivity.


Learning Objectives

By completing this video eLearning course , your managers will learn:

  • The various stress drivers in the workplace
  • How a mental illness does not necessarily equate to an inability to work
  • How to deal with the worker struggling with the main requirements of their work


Target Audience

Managers and supervisors in any organisation.


10 to 15 Minutes