Meeting For Results - Interactive

Meeting For Results - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 27, 2024
Course Description

If the outcome is a meeting... make sure the meeting has outcomes. This entertaining and engaging interactive course is designed to help people improve their meeting skills – both as a participant and as a meeting facilitator, with an opportunity to analyze some meetings in action and practice taking minutes.


At Cutting Edge, it’s time to have productive meetings but some get it wrong.


Marcus’ idiosyncratic approach to conducting Cutting Edge meetings has most of the staff frustrated. Carol states they are a waste of time. Sam however believes that Carol does not herself run efficient meetings. Sam recommends setting meeting goals, and having a specific time frame for each agenda item. There is also the problem of flagging energy levels during the meetings; this is where Casey feels Marcus gets it right because he brings fun to whatever he’s talking about. When Carlos and Steve begin arguing, Dion steps in and reminds them to respect meeting rules and each other. Valuing peoples input and encouraging constructive behavior makes for an improved meeting atmosphere as does summarizing key points and listing actions as you go.

Key Learning Points

  • Don’t meet without clear goals INSTEAD: Set agenda and control time
  • Don’t lose group energy INSTEAD: Make it engaging
  • Don’t cultivate negativity INSTEAD: Manage conflict respectfully
  • Don’t leave loose ends INSTEAD: Ensure actions and outcomes

Comedy makes learning fun

This interactive course is part of the popular Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series created by Psychologist Eve Ash and comedienne Erin Brown starring Emmy-award winning Kim Estes. This powerful training series follows several characters as they battle challenges, negotiate conflicts and learn from mistakes about professionalism, leadership, communication and safety. This Australian produced series was filmed on location in Los Angeles.