Marketing Management

Marketing Management

Marketing is one of the most fundamental and important skills in business. This course introduces the foundational principles of marketing, from how to conduct marketing research to teaching you how to build an integrated marketing plan. You will also learn about the four P's of marketing and how you can optimise them for your business.

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Updated Apr 25, 2024

What you'll learn

  • How to perform marketing research and segment your customers
  • The importance of the four P's of marketing and how to apply them to your business
  • How to organise and execute effective marketing campaigns
Course Description

Course Overview

Setting up an integrated marketing plan is essential for any business. In this course, we will pay a significant attention to the four Ps of Marketing: Price, Place, Product, and Promotion. Our goal would be to learn how to optimize each 'P' with respect to the firm's competitive and marketing strategy.


Target Audience

  • Business executives
  • Business analysts
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Business owners


Learning Objectives

  • Understand customers and their needs, wants, and demands
  • How to build a Marketing plan
  • Why a career in Marketing can be really interesting
  • Perform marketing research
  • Carry out customer segmentation
  • Set up the 4Ps of Marketing
  • Leverage product mix and pricing strategies
  • Organize marketing campaigns
  • Calculate Customer Lifetime Value


Business Outcomes

  • Marketing strategy
  • 4Ps of Marketing
  • Foundations of Marketing