Making Decisions and Choices – Interactive

Making Decisions and Choices – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 28, 2024

What you'll learn

  • DON’T avoid decisions INSTEAD: Be clear about your guiding principles
  • DON’T be unprofessional INSTEAD: Use a decision-making framework
  • DON’T jump at easy answers INSTEAD: Define goal, explore options, consider outcomes
  • DON’T procrastinate INSTEAD: Isolate best option, do it and evaluate
Course Description

Making Decisions and Choices effectively is an important workplace skill. We constantly make choices, just to get through the day. They might be day-to-day operational decisions or long range strategic planning. It’s not always easy, and can cause anxiety. A good leader makes good decisions, but everyone can learn the skills. Know your guiding principles.

In this Making Decisions and Choices course you learn from the entertaining Cutting Edge team, to use a decision-making framework to make effective decisions and choices. Use the formula D-E-C-I-D-E to make sound, informed decisions and choices. Define the problem or issue, and always consider the impact of that decision option. Consider all the options and don’t just jump to easy answers. Don’t procrastinate, follow the process and make the decision, act on it and evaluate.

Apply the DECIDE decision-making framework:

  • D – Define goal or problem
  • E – Explore options
  • C – Consider outcomes
  • I – Isolate best option
  • D – Do it!
  • E – Evaluate