Legal issues in health care: Negligence

Legal issues in health care: Negligence

This 3 hour interactive course is aimed at nurses and midwives and discusses the law of negligence in health care settings.

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Updated Jul 12, 2024

What you'll learn

  • What negligence is.
  • How it relates to duty of care in health.
  • How the law interacts with everyday professional practice.
  • How acts and omissions may be judged when something goes wrong.
  • Common law and legislation.
  • The main defences available in a claim of negligence.
Course Description

Course Overview:

Providing high quality health care that optimises patient outcomes is the goal of all healthcare practitioners. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong and when something does go wrong, the range of damages experienced can range from slight inconvenience to catestrophic injury or death.

This course provides insight into the most common casues of negligence in the delivery of ehalthcare ervices and how to avoid them. It provides insight into medical negligance claims, how they arose and how the courst interpreted the conduct of the pracitioners and service providers involved.

This course has been peer reviewed and is suitable for all clinicians and healthcare managers.


Target Audience

Nurses, midwives, all clinicians, and managers


Business Case

The delviery of healthcare services is complex and involves many people in the delivery of services to each individual. Developing robust governance and risk management strategies is aprt of all health service planning.

This interactive, comprehensive course provides a strong basis for training in negligence, raising awareness and practical strategies that assist practitioners in discharging their duty of care to their patients and employer.