Introduction to Work Health and Safety for Workers

Introduction to Work Health and Safety for Workers

Interaction Training
Updated Jul 20, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Understand essential work health and safety (WHS) terminology to effectively navigate workplace safety protocols and procedures.
  • Learn to identify and assess workplace hazards and understand incident and hazard reporting procedures.
  • Learn the importance of emergency management protocols, including evacuation procedures and responding to fire emergencies.
  • Explore strategies for promoting everyday safety practices, including managing psychosocial hazards such as bullying, harassment, and stress.
Course Description

This course provides an overview of work health and safety (WHS) fundamentals, empowering workers with essential knowledge to foster and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment. Explore key WHS terminology, understand roles and responsibilities, and learn to identify and mitigate various workplace hazards, from ergonomics to psychosocial factors. We wil also overview standard incident reporting procedures, emergency management, and the importance of competent persons in ensuring workplace safety.