Integrating Millennials: 03. Integrating Yourself

Integrating Millennials: 03. Integrating Yourself

Updated May 28, 2024
Course Description

This program is designed for millennials to watch. There are mixed feelings about our generation. Some think that we're spoiled and entitled with short attention spans and no real desire to work hard for anything. Others think that we're intelligent and innovative with lots to offer to the business world. Regardless of whether or not these descriptions accurately define you, it's critical that you understand the stigma attached to people our age. Once you can acknowledge how others perceive you, whether it's right or wrong, you must work extremely hard to overcome this stereotype. Is it fair? Maybe not. But in some way, every generation before us has had to fight the same battle. Let's take a look at how to prove your worth, regardless of the stereotypes, and integrate yourself into an organization.