Inspirational Leadership - Workplace Excellence Series

Inspirational Leadership - Workplace Excellence Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 20, 2024
Course Description

A powerful documentary case study style programs where we meet two CEOs who demonstrate how to lead by example. A personal insight of their passion and decision-making and how they reach goals and empower others.

This program is designed to provide a powerful set of role model skills, expertise, strategies and behaviors, to help managers and leaders develop their leadership skills to become exceptional and successful leaders.

Key Learning Points

Discover the behaviours, attitudes and strategies of outstanding leaders: 

•    Lead by example 

•    Project your passion 

•    Drive your decisions 

•    Empower your champions  

•    Reach your goals 

•    Give time and respect to your people

Target Audience


Every organization needs great leaders and staff to deliver the best results, and these skills can be learned from real life case studies in best practise organizations. This program demonstrates a range of skills and examples to get people at all levels excited about their jobs and motivated to achieve results.

This program is one of a series of 10 programs in the Workplace Excellence Series, documenting best practice in an online recruitment business, a travel business, a city government and a school. The strategies and skills to be learned will improve the standard of excellence throughout your organization and help your workforce shine.