Identify True Buyer Objections

Identify True Buyer Objections

Eliminate barriers to a sale by learning to identify and manage buyer objections

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Updated Jul 24, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Evaluate an objection to properly solve it
  • Prepare an 001 play for a current or potential prospect
  • Name the purpose and plays of overcoming objections 1
  • Identify and diagnose red flags that indicate an objection is present
  • Use active listening and open-ended questions to truly understand the nature and extent of an objection
Course Description

Why would a buyer raise a sudden obstacle in the middle of a seemingly smooth sales process? It’s likely a sign of a hidden objection. Don’t get mad; get to the root of the problem! Use the Overcoming Objections 1 plays to Identify True Buyer Objections then eliminate that barrier or negotiate a work-around.

Target Audience

Business / Professional Employees

Business Outcomes

Boost sales performance