IDEA to REALITY – Interactive

IDEA to REALITY – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jun 20, 2024
Course Description

IDEA to Reality is a course designed to help learners develop realistic plans for their ideas, and move through steps to successfully make the idea a reality. Turning ideas into reality can be challenging. That’s where IDEA comes in: Identifying, Designing, Executing and Assessing your concept.


Once this course is completed you will have learned that a good idea has a better chance of succeeding when it follows the IDEA formula. Eve Ash explains the process for converting inspiration into reality. It requires being objective, diligent, patient, seeking input from others, smooth implementation, constant testing and readiness to begin the process once again if necessary. The best IDEAs are a result of continuous improvement.


Learning Objectives

  • Implement the IDEA formula to turn ideas into reality
  • Identify the power of your idea
  • Design the idea for success
  • Execute your plan with confidence
  • Assess the results