How to learn maths, not just do maths!

How to learn maths, not just do maths!

SEND Group
Updated Jun 20, 2024

What you'll learn

  • learning skills needed to teach maths at any level
  • managing barrier that slow down learning maths
Course Description

Course Overview

This webinar will focus on the learning skills needed to be an effective maths learner. We will examine the premise that anyone can learn maths and look at positive learning strategies around self-efficacy, resilience and managing learning difficulties and anxiety that can support progression. Pete Jarrett is a specialist teacher and assessor with a background in STEM and runs Tutorum Learning and Assessment, a company that focusses on supporting maths learning difficulties and wider maths pedagogy. Pete is also a part-time lecturer in Specific Learning Difficulties at Bath Spa University. Presented by Pete Jarrett