How to Have an Honest Conversation (CPD certified)

How to Have an Honest Conversation (CPD certified)

iAM Learning
Updated Jun 13, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Why we need honest conversations
  • How to have an honest conversation
  • Dealing with fear and discomfort
  • This course is CPD certified
Course Description

Some conversations can be really awkward. No-one wants to be the person to break bad news. It could be about something as trivial as leaving a crumb infested knife in the butter dish, chasing up overdue work, or even something as serious as firing an employee. Someone’s got to say it though. And if that person is you, we’re here to help.


Target Audience

General Audience / All Levels


Business Outcomes

This course will help you to understand why you need to have honest conversations and what might happen if you don’t. Early intervention will help your work and life relationships, (thinking crumbs in butter dish) it will make difficult conversations easier to have, improve the outcomes of them, and reduce stress and anxiety.