How to create digital content

How to create digital content

Techniques and tools to create multimedia resources autonomously.

Updated Jun 23, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Know the aspects to manage for a high-quality presentation.
  • Learn different methods for presenting data, results and content.
  • Know the tools that allow you to create innovative content.
Course Description

Do you ever have to present data, results and content during a conference, training course or business meeting? Or have to rework documents into more comprehensible and innovative formats? Are you always satisfied with the material you present? Do you know the techniques and methods for creating compelling, easily understandable content?

In this pill you will learn the main aspects of a high-quality presentation, how to evaluate and improve your presentation materials and make them compelling, clear and effective. We will see how to organise content and manage the graphic aspect to create successful multimedia tutorials; and we also will learn some features of the leading software to develop your tutorial and other tricks for creating innovative digital content using online tools.