How To Be A Terrible Team Member™

How To Be A Terrible Team Member™

Eight Annoying Behaviors That Will Hamper Team Performance

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Updated Jul 15, 2024

What you'll learn

  • An awareness and understanding of the various "Terrible Team Member" characteristics identified in this series
  • An understanding of the importance of modifying personal behaviors that might happen to correspond to any of the characters portrayed in the series
Course Description

Meet Human Resource Manager Jasmine Harris. Her organization has been hampered by high turnover, low morale and team-related issues. After conducting a comprehensive analysis, Jasmine has identified a series of employee behaviors which are apparently to blame for the dysfunction. Join her as she shares her findings with senior managers. To present these traits in a more memorable fashion, Jasmine as recruited an improv group to demonstrate each behavior – along with the effects on other team members. Get set to IMPROVE with IMPROV!