Hot Work Safety & the Permitting Process - Spanish Language

Hot Work Safety & the Permitting Process - Spanish Language

Updated Jul 22, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Understand the fire hazards that are associated with hot work.
  • Know how the hot work permitting process helps prevent fires and explosions.
  • Know how you can help ensure that hot work is performed safely in your facility.
Course Description

Course Description

MARCOM's interactive course on Hot Work Safety and the Permitting Process discusses the hazards encountered in hot work and focuses on how employees can use the permitting process and other safe practices to perform hot work tasks safely.

Hot work includes any tasks that involve flame or high heat, or can act as an ignition source. One in five industrial fires are caused by hot work and it can create major problems on construction sites as well. Hot work accidents result in more than $300 million in property damage and more than 30 fatalities per year, but these incidents are preventable.

Areas covered in the course include hot work and its hazards, the purpose of a Hot Work Permit and the first steps in the permitting process, preparing the work area and performing hot work safely, hot work in confined spaces, and more.

Using a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, text and colorful graphics, this course provides the most cost-effective safety and regulatory compliance training available today.  The course is divided into a number of logical sections so information is easily understood... and retained. 

Course Duration

30 minutes